Why I Get Mad When People Ask “Why Isn’t There A Straight Pride”

(I get passionately angry, Ok. So lets try something new, and I’ll write and explain why I care so much, why I speak out against others so often. Why I can’t just let it slide.)

Why I get mad when people ask when there isn’t a straight/white/male equivalent of things like Gay Pride or International Women’s day or Black Pride – It’s because you don’t need one.  

Lets start with straight people, and you tell me how many insults you can think of for being straight. Now, compare this absolute lack of hate with the sheer amount of horrible words people use for gays. With the way that entire religions can be interpreted to teach against something we know is unavoidable, is a part of who we are. With the way that certain countries imprison or kill people for exhibiting homosexual behaviour. And the way that you then see these words, repeatedly used across the world to spit hatred at people, as a joke? As something mildly amusing, yeah, “It doesn’t mean anything”.


Ok so people of different colours/ethnicities, more specifically typically black people. Why don’t we have white pride? White pride was the centuries long pile of bullshit that was us colonising and destroying entire cultures and seeing black people as slaves/animals/property. Ok. You had your white pride, and to this day people are regularly punished for the colour of their skin. And I don’t just mean judged to be thugs or similar, I mean they are literally shot down in the streets and left there. Google Ferguson. Just don’t question this one.


Women’s rights, and feminism. A subject I could go into detail on, but won’t. A subject that instantly makes many people, men and women, groan. Because they think feminism means hating men. No, they want equality > Which includes supporting men who are hurt because they are expected to be “manly”. The men who cannot bear to speak up and say they have been raped. Women have also been oppressed for years and years, seen as the lesser feeble gender, paid less, and generally been dictated to by men. Again, so many historical cases of pain and humiliation, as a wider sense of men in power was being fought against.


None of this is exclusive. There are definitely cases of white people, men, straight people, all being hurt and oppressed. But seriously guys, don’t be so ignorant. These people are celebrating freedom from years of oppression and your instant reaction is “where’s my celebration?”

Celebrate what you have. Celebrate the way that you have no idea what its like to experience the things that other groups and cultures have to put up with and have a little more respect and humility for others who have. I get that there are other problems, separate problems, to be dealt with separately. What you are doing, without realising, is trying to stop the swell of pride these people have for being who they are and surviving all they have. And no-one’s doing that to you.

Every day is straight pride. Men are still paid more, women still seen as lesser.Innocent Black people are shot by police in america on a huge scale. Chill out about the rights you already have.


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