Take me apart

Pull the fingernails from their roots
and let my ambition bleed from the spaces
no longer armed against you.
Take my feet, immobilise me,
lock my calloused heels away
so that I cannot run run run
to make you pay.
Better yet
carve my legs at their join,
birthplace of daughters,
share them between the men
who shout for them,
who’s eyes claim them without permission
who’s hands followed my veins
without permission.
Bypass the post birth carnage,
make a small incision and find the womb,
if you can.
Note, your repulsion at
the secondhand nature. Pre-owned.
snap away each of my hips
brittle and bruised
they danced to spite heavy paws
and grasping claws –
you can hang their memory on your mantle.
If you can find the manpower
to transport the immense crushing weight
from my shoulders, you may have them too.
Two clean slices and my breasts
finally spill into your hands.
A cursed identity, enjoy.
Using a spoon and
surgical skills, my eyes
will disconnect from my rebellion,
seething spherical with
Do not forget –
lest i undo all your hard work,
to saw my tongue from my teeth.


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