For you, forever ago

We bought you a dress spattered with violets and frills,
when you were still minute and
sitting atop the ball of fear in my stomach,
you hid it well.
Something to focus on,
when my chest was bursting with the volume of his voice.
Your tiny hands swept across my stomach
as his brutal claws thudded
into my throat. I sing to you,
my sunshine, only one.
The bathroom has a lock and a window to dream from.
Your body wiggles tiny inside me as
my skin grows extra tough layers to save you.
Feet pass, tap tap,
on the pavement below
because they simply, don’t know.
I wonder if you will remember
the days that your constant weight,
and kicking legs kept me
alive with hope.
My aching back forcing me to
stand tall and strong,
to get to where we belong.


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