Apply within

This post requires one with a broad and open mind, experience not necessary, training may be provided.

  •  First and foremost you must be able to provide encouragement and sly grins when I do massive burps and am actually really proud of them thank you very much, possibly going to the lengths of replying in kind.
  • Other important and helpful skills include the ability to brush the bit of hair that gets too knotted at the back where my elbows just wont bend no matter how nicely I ask them.
  • A strong moral compass, and the willingness to fight for your beliefs whenever necessary.
  • Patience, because I will, regardless of logic, buy and collect things I think are really cool. And then rely on you to help me move the huge pump organ from one house to the next.
  • You will need a creative mind, and/or problem solving skills in order to assist with the incredibly important task of cut and sticking collages.
  • Also must enjoy random exploratory adventures and be willing to get wet/muddy/cold/bruised to get, for example, inside an abandoned house because I really want that photo for my instagram.

    Perks of the job include being allowed anywhere near the delight that is me, in all my humble modesty.
    Limited spaces available.


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