How To Change The World

Well, to begin we must question what is wrong with the world. How can you make it better, how to know what it is you want to change in order to improve?
Well, like all people of great intellect I refuse to waste effort on mulling over a question when someone else has already done it for me. So, to Google!

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I found entire websites dedicated to the subject, so many different Ideas stating a million things wrong. I even found a 2.5 minute long video condensing it for me into one very concise and nifty blob of doom. Global warming, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc etc. Some others stated that things like “the gays” themselves were the problem, but as this fits neatly itself into homophobia I think we could discount it. Well, I’m going to. However faced with such a wide range of choice I was absolutely baffled as to where to start. You, the caring and compassionate reader, obviously want the world to be a better place however you’re probably pretty busy and we can’t all go about spending our lives delving deep into the combined issues facing us as a planet, ey. You already recycle and pay attention to where your coffee comes from, for which the world thanks you.


Lets step away from worldwide. Lets take it away from the EU, away from the UK and away even from your local community. Away from any geographical sense and back to a personal, moral issue. This is easy, this is just thinking about yourself, it’ll take five minutes. You know yourself right, pretty damn awesome. You’ve got nice eyes. You did that nice thing the other day for your friend, Ralph. Ralph thinks you’re pretty damn awesome too.

I think you’re pretty amazing as well, because you have the ability to really honestly change something. I’m not lying, nor should it be a shock to you that each of us, individually, can change the world. You’re basically a superhero.

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Lets suggest for a second that all of these huge, unthinkably difficult problems fit into one easy to fight issue that just takes a little effort to overcome, and that is a lack of knowledge or awareness. We’ve come pretty far in the last few centuries through learning more about other people and their differences to us, overcome many different hurdles through education. And not in the typical, intellectual sense. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or even have passed a single GCSE – there is no measure of intelligence or “test” here, no exam to take. Just thinking about the fact that things might not be the way that SOMEONE ELSE has told you they are, that alone makes you amazing. Whichever outcome you arrive at.  Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the (arguably) most intelligent people to ever exist, learnt everything for himself, through questioning already existing beliefs, because as the son of an unmarried couple he was unable to go to school.

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So? “Get to the point already” you cry in anguish as your attention begins to wander sideways to the next Game Of Thrones “which character are you” quiz on Facebook.

My point Is, that we must question what we think more often, and pass on knowledge to others. The easiest and, I think, most applicable way to do this as a busy member of western society is to question the slang that we use, “faggot” and “gay” being great examples of things commonly used casually by really very good and lovely people that haven’t thought about the way that, at that exact point in time, these words are being spat at other very lovely people whilst they’re getting their head kicked in or watching their house burn or being fired from a job they simply loved.  I lose count of the times I have heard from people I love ” but I don’t mean it that way” or “It’s just a joke.” Lets be honest here, it isn’t just a joke in places like Russia where the police, and I quote, refuse to help “Lezzas” or in America where currently (Still) black people are being shot down regularly by a corrupt police system that refuses to punish, or educate their officers into no longer assuming that all black people are dangerous. They are afraid of something they do not understand.


Now you, lovely and brilliant person, could simply use another word for things, like “that sucks” rather than “that’s gay.” Or think a little more about the way you initially judge other people. Which may be a correct judgement, don’t get me wrong, a guy with a hood on and a gun waving about can rightfully be assumed dangerous, however that doesn’t make everyone with a hood a murdering psychopath. And maybe if you hear someone say something that is quietly and accidentally the same as something a complete arsehole might say, bring it up. Just questioning something can have a huge impact rather than telling people they are wrong, just knowing more about something can change the world.
And this is all simply something to consider, another possibility. The title of this post, the idea of changing things and saving lives gives the impression that something huge and impossibly difficult lays ahead of us but it doesn’t.

To change the world, all you could do is a little thinking, a little more questioning of what we assume is right. You have that power.


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