I have five three secrets.

When I was smaller I fell/felt in love with my best friend.
Restricted by my height and simultaneously,
my inability to register more emotion than excitement
over which flavour ice cream I wanted;
It ended before I knew what It was.
Before she knew what It was.

When I was not so small but bony, I wanted to die.
I found nothing more beautiful than physical pain,
a holiday from feeling alone, unloved, you get the gist.
However, I saw in my friends and some of my family
a heart so pure, perfect and fragile, that it could not handle
the earthquake impending. I built myself again for them.

I must confess also, that on multiple occasions I have tried
tempting cats, to abandon their current owner, and follow me home.
They always followed me 70% of the way.
As though they understood, before I did,
that I could not handle such a nonchalant creature
leaving paw prints on the kitchen tiles.


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