I’ve more than earned the right
to uphold those in my life to certain, standards.
I can’t stand the way people fester
in each others false pretending,
each feigning happiness for the other.
Are you really happy, are you?
Or do you feel the need to run,
to where nobody knows your name.
I have fought for the right to define what
comes into peoples minds, when they hear mine.
I don’t want the small one, with my blood holding her bones,
to question who she is based on others ideas of what she should be.
If you tell me to be something else just
One More Time
I will lose all ability to align reason
with the philosophy – never do to others
what I don’t want done to me.
I’m going to crack and pour open.
When the people you love are puppets
of a wider system of oppression, what do you tell them,
when their words make you burn at the pit of your
personality. Who are we.
Questioning the right to judge at all,
whilst at the same time,
erring in your belief is the reason you fall.
The reason people get in to the cracks
and put their feet to one wall, the other on their back
pushing hard. Under attack.
This is about so much more than you,
my opinions aren’t just pulled out of a hat or shoe
I spent years shaping who I am, and you?
I researched, and thought, and cried, and
tried very hard to come to terms with the lies.
But when the bible can be torn apart with science,
and peoples misconceptions and hate proved invalid,
the product of a society paved with sadness,
I can’t bring myself not to question the madness.
Because everything I stand against becomes harder to believe
once you delve a little more into the reason we breathe
just look closer, think more, do your homework and see
that we, dear, are in a moral poverty.


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