Shut up, kiss me, you missed.

The world we walk through is
without time, no track to walk back along,
maybe if we went to be earlier
we’d be inclined to get more done,
instead of scrolling through tumblr till
way gone one, I suck my thumb
when nobody watches, when you hold me from
behind, always kind, eyes closed.
I’ll make friends with anyone if enough whisky
has kissed me, on the throat with a punch
of dismissive reality, no longer me.
Have you ever looked at an owls eyes,
and not feared for your life? Centuries
of assured instinct concentrated into
wings expanding, constricting you. Who
could predict your mistakes, my way,
three strike system. Broken dreams.
Don’t get caught in a web of clear air
nothing to be afraid of there, be aware
that once under my covers
there’re clouds in your head.
Hypo-allergenic policies
what are these, these lies we tell ourselves
we both know , I’m stubborn as fuck
and a yellow complexion.
Unapologetic, I’ll stand stuck
until you’re vexed,


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