this one.

Kissing where your teeth clash with persistence,
grating, granular with ivory sickness.
I like the thickness of the tips of his fingers.
Never felt so safe than under the control
of the boy that asked nicely, drop and roll,
I’m smoking. Thick black haze too strong for your lungs
they didn’t pass the test, young one.
Fingers click in duality to the song of my hair
in the wind, fire to roll in, it licks at your skin,
blistering hot, what are you not?
Everything I listed, requirements, you missed it.
Seriously, look at me, I’m peeling your skin
like PVA on the back of my hand.
Maybe you thought I was finished
when I made a small one, used, out of the race,
time to get out your best black lace
we’re holding a funeral for the
days when I held your face
in esteem, you’re a disgrace.


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