When you see really stupid people share things on Facebook.

You can’t delegate violence and anger to a class
any more than you can dismiss the past,
of women fighting for the right to not be raped, murdered, beaten.
Fighting to be more than the food we are eating.
So some girls hit strangers whilst riding the bus,
that means when I’m terrorised I shouldn’t make a fuss?
The two are distinctly and unbelievably different
separate settings, forgive me, but I have this vision
where, we look at each person alone and separate.
Then maybe we’ll be a little better at
fairly judging by an individuals actions
rather than their accent or genetic rations.
Gender may classically be your birth given genitals,
but what are we? Closed-minded, political vegetables?
Pronouns are subjective, it’s up to you to define
if you want to be him, her, them, it’s a blurred line,
and others need to respect the decision you made
because its all for you, your happiness laid
out in front of them, to be loved and not judged.
You might as well refuse to acknowledge there’s any flavour of fudge
but vanilla. And will you live life in the dark?
Granted being yourself isn’t always a walk in the park
but the point I want to make, I think, I should say…
Is that some opinions of others are less than okay.
Based on pre-determined ideas parroted behind bars
of emotional steel, sliced with traditional scars.
They hold themselves back, truly it’s regrettable
that some people see life as a single decimal
point, rather than having their Pi and eating it
they’d rather scowl and spout bovine shit.


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