When You Can’t Stop Crying Everything Is So Good

I spent 60 hours with tears in my eyes
and my ribs feeling two sizes too small.
If I could bottle that feeling I’d be rolling in it,
love beyond what I’ve ever felt before, quantity
insurmountable. Quality incomparable.
As though for years I have given myself to
the people I care for, some have left, some
didn’t deserve me. And so so many have earned a place.
21 years of good karma breaks like a wave
over my birthday, celebrating everything I have
become. And I am so proud It makes my tongue numb.
I feel like the wealthiest person on earth,
and what could possibly top those few days?
A princess, her family extended about her like
a sea of role models. A universe of different personalities
all hand picked, fated to be part of we.
My town, my friends, my partner in crime.
Love doesn’t feel words enough,
I’d like to tell you all that I am just
so thankful, for it all, my three day ball.
Flying so high and I’ll never fall.


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