New Project.

So, a small update for the brave ones following my poetry,
I’ve embarked on a small adventure, inspired by Tracey Emin’s tent “Everyone I’ve ever slept with.”
Slightly inspired by the making of lists with friends, and the realisation that I have my fingers
rather crossed that this is the end of mine, for as long as it works. They are small poems, there are
twelve or thirteen people, when including women, that I have intimately slept with. It has built who I am.
It is rather strange for me to look at all the people I have tried to be to try and rather comforting to
realise just how much of myself I am being this time around. Maybe, who knows, I don’t want false
expectations. But yeah, this is my own small set of poems to work together. They are small and I’m
not revising them or working on them because I don’t want to think too much. And they aren’t anything
to do with the act of sex either.


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