I saw the tops of mountains,
there were clouds next to me. Lightning
meters away and my eyes wide
but you drive too fast for me to see properly
from my tiny, confined box. Matching socks
and Marmite sandwiches with a foot of butter in
make me want to gag but I stay ever the good guest.
The only good thing about you
was your dad, and his money – the job he got you.
I sacrificed my soul to try and help you
but it ended in the forest in the dark,
with a gunshot and my feet too hot on the stones
lungs expelling air with all the force I could gather
Ten minutes of agony,
never have I been more alone that in that car
with the engine running under the beat of my heart
and a dark figure coming back from the dead.
You could’ve at least let me
put my shoes on.


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