save tonight

Coffee in a thick mug stronger than the day before
It clears my head, gives me reasons why and who and what for
she’s playing outside with a rubber duck, spinning about
on tiny pink knees. And Joanna has fallen asleep
on my couch, I want to wake her but just because I can’t
sleep myself. I’ll leave her eyes closed because the corner of
her mouth is twitching and maybe whatever it is she’s saying
in her dreams, it’s important. Sewing the seams
of teabags, over a hundred locked in a cupboard
because I’m greedy and I just want to own them.
Sweep everything into the corner, it used to be your job
on the days you would visit, the days from before
I think its a shame we were at war but you are not the person
I made you in my sleeping cinema, sweeping panoramas.


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