You’re the only

There may be a permanent groove
wrapped about my wrists, space for your fingers
to close about. But my mouth can
meet you in a breathe’s space,
when we are dizzy with this.
So much of this shines new to me, like
when your smile confirms unspoken jokes. And
I often fight with the storm behind my eyelids,
the panic that today was the day you decided
you’d had enough, but logic presided –
a man not in love could not possibly
have looked up at me that way, from his knees.
The ways you don’t know me bring me to tears,
but the worst part of anything is the unfounded fears
like tar stuck from the trail blazed by the past
I know it’s a massive pain in the arse.
A month and a half to go,
until scientific approval, and I can move all
my worries to the spare room. Romance defined,
– try telling that to my novocaine mind.
I have exactly the picture in my memory
of you sat across, smiling at eve and me
the first time you were here and
your hair was far more curly than you would prefer.
I was yours from the moment you were good to her.


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