Wake Up and Look

The town i live in is… pleasant.
The people try hard to make it a good place. There are so many places to eat, dance, sing at and quite a good educational system.
And a few days ago, a man was shot, in the stomach. He’s still alive, no-one really knows the particulars, but it shook the town like an earthquake “Really, I can’t believe this would happen in MY TOWN.” And as much as i feel bad I can’t help but think, christ, what a fucking joke this is. He’s alive, isn’t he? Safe? The police reacted right away and a huge effort has been made to protect everyone living here. We’re all pretty safe, comfortable, the only thing that’s changed is that we’ve been reminded that guns exist. That bad people exist. That people can be shot.
The same type of feelings arise when I watch everyone crying about the death of Cecil the lion. Yes, majestic gorgeous creature, yes hunting is bad.
But can we step the fuck back for a second and look at the magic little bubble we’re living in, in lovely safe rural England? At least we have regulations that stop everyone and anyone owning a gun.

I have some names I’d like you all to bear in your minds for at least this brief moment, some respect is deserved because whilst you all gasp and stutter about a single act of violence in such a huge huge time frame, American people of colour are being killed by the very people that are supposed to keep them safe, and no-body is batting an eyelid. Because that’s way outside your bubble, isn’t it? Because it can’t be that bad.

Sandra Bland. Reportedly committed suicide after being arrested for a driving violation, the mugshot police had taken has the same background as the floor of the jail cell she was in, not the walls. Civil rights activist and strong advocate of the BlackLivesMatter campaign.

Samuel Dubose. Again, stopped for a traffic violation. Shot in the head by a policeman who claims he was dragged by the car as it rolled away, his bodycam shows he was not.

Michael Brown. Shot twelve times whilst running away. Arrested for allegedly stealing a pack of cigarillos earlier that day.

Travyon Martin, a seventeen year old boy, shot by George Zimmerman (‘Neighbourhood watch leader’.) Even though police told him not to Zimmerman stopped Travyon for being ‘suspicious’ – walking home. And murdered him.

Tamir Rice. Playing with a toy gun whilst on a swing. Police respond to reports of “probably a juvenile” with a gun by firing two shots at him before their car had even stopped. Neither cop administered first aid, he died the next day.

Freddie Gray. Arrested, later found to have an illegal switchblade, well after the arrest. Went into a coma whilst being transported in a police van, died later of injury’s to his spinal cord.

Terrance Kellom. Attempted arrest by police at his home for robbery, shot ten times at the door, unarmed, and then put into handcuffs. In front of his family and without having time to do anything.

Eric Garner choked to death for selling cigarettes. The officer continued to hold him in a chokehold despite Garners repeated protests – “I can’t breathe.” Four officers used to restrain him. No CPR administered.

Johnathan Ferrell. Dropped of a friend in a wealthy neighbourhood, crashed his car and went to a door to ask for help. The white woman who answered was “terrified” – slammed the door, called police. Three police responded, the only white one shot Ferrell ten times for “running towards” him.

John Crawford III. Shot dead in Walmart for holding a toy gun, a product being sold in the store.

Raynetter Turner, found dead in her Jail cell after alerting officers of her medical conditions. Arrested for allegedly stealing from a wholefoods store, her death is completely unexplained.

Ralkina Jones. Dead in her cell, arrested for striking her ex husband. Found unresponsive, unexplained. And her family are being ignored when they call the police department for an explanation.

Kindra Chapman, death by asphyxiation. The County district attorney says there is “no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing in her arrest or detention.” and it is being reported as a suicide.

Many of the policemen shooting/killing POC are facing absolutely zero
consequences, and there are quite clearly massive problems with racism and the responses of authority’s to such events. This is a very small example of what is going on but it is still highly shocking and I haven’t seen an ounce of it reported in our mainstream news channels or shared on social media by the people I know and live near. The first step is making people aware, the next step is to fight it.
Black Lives Matter. And here’s how you can help >


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