If you’re the kind of person who “Doesn’t want to get involved.”

Love everything about yourself. Love the good qualities, and the not so good. Love that you have acknowledged which parts need work. Love that you fucked up and can see where you need to go from here. Love your ability to apologise, when two years ago you would have protested innocence in the face of any proof. Don’t fucking romanticise your mistakes, they aren’t beautiful. You aren’t special and delicate, nobody has to tiptoe around you because you feel guilty. See the possibility for self improvement. Don’t wallow in what you haven’t become, in the circumstances you find yourself, unless you can honestly say that you worked to escape them. Life is not a fairy tale,  you aren’t innocent because you didn’t do anything. Your inaction is the condemning factor for somebody else’s suffering. Stand up for other people. Again, that doesn’t make you special. It brings you to the base line of humanity and morality. Be a fucking human.


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