An Open Letter to the Generation Before Me.

I write a lot, poems, letters, short stories. I tend to hide them from the older generation on my facebook, my family etc, to avoid judgement really. But the way I’ve seen so many people react to the Refugee crisis, and similar issues of race or sexuality, is really getting to me. Because I think, so many people are set in their ways and refuse to listen to anyone younger because that’s patronising.

The thing is, that the most important thing is to accept and love people. There are some awful habits still sticking around from a time when people conformed more, and normal was the best way to be. But really, normal was a surface image. Underneath people still were gay, foreign, black, and experiencing incredible amounts of pain and suffering. Those inflicting the pain did so without knowing, using words their parents always had. Enforcing a right they believed they earnt by being born in wonderful Britain. When political correctness came into play, we did it in such a typical british way that it was about politeness rather than what is wrong. It is wrong to treat others as worth less than you because of circumstances they cannot change and are not in control of.

And so, when it comes to the refugee’s seeking asylum in Britain, our first reaction should not be fears about money or space. Human lives being taken without reason or question is a more important worry than people taking advantage of the benefit system (Which happens so much anyway amongst british citizens themselves.) If you flip the situation, if you were born in a country struggling through war or dictatorship or famine, you would escape any way possible if that was the way to stay alive. Especially if that was the way to keep your children alive. In my opinion, you are really blinded by prejudice if you honestly believe people would pack their children on a tiny tiny boat, to cross the sea through storms with no belongings, food, or guaranteed safety – just to take ‘our’ money?

So please, can we stop calling them migrants as though they are dirty foreigners. The word itself is a propaganda akin to the war posters of the 30’s. It makes you think of them as something unwanted rather than another person that just really needs your help right now. And helping them does not take away our concerns for british people. It does not taint you, or make you unpatriotic. It does not affect the actions being taken by some to help the british homeless. It is just helping someone.

Please take a step back, and look at the way you see this situation. It isn’t far away, it’s right here and right now and it is life or death. Simple.



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