the better things

Making banana pancakes on a morning where the sun comes through the window just right, with jack johnson playing in the background. When my hair parts in the right place. When squirrels take food from the palm of my hand and don’t run right away. When I can see you, calm and smiling, as a part of my every day. When I am drunk enough to dance the way I love. When I don’t drink too much to stay happy. A place where I can always hide, warm and safe, with more cream than maybe there should be. Men that are nice to me without expecting anything in return. Fighting for the right thing regardless of how cool it is. Being called princess. Going to the beach in winter, when it is as though it exists just for you. Just on that day. Books with female characters that aren’t used as a plot device for a male one. Books with P.O.C. Being alone next to rivers. Finishing essays before they’re due. Coffee made for you by people that care. Sunflowers, and their giant stems which make them look funny as bouquets.  When strange cats meow for you to love them, just for a minute or so.
Having tattoos and never telling anyone the real reasons behind them. When your socks get unavoidably wet, and you give up caring, and they squelch. Perfectly illustrated independant magazines. Watching people you care about succeed. Drunk texts that say more than they meant to. Brief encounters with curious children. Going somewhere and unexpectedly finding owls, to hold. Baths big enough that all of you is underwater. Buskers with saxophones. When old friends come home.


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