Depression/anxiety is not just beautiful melancholy girls struggling for a while before they get a magical cure all pill that makes it all better.

It is dirty, dragging tiredness that won’t go away and makes you feel lazy and not good enough. It’s like everytime you think about the things you have to do today, there is a fog thick as river weed to try and rip your way through before your brain will let you think about them properly. And you’re already tipsy enough on scrambled thought process’s to have lost all and any motivation for doing something.

It doesn’t have a gender. It doesn’t care whether you’re a man, gives no fucks that men should be strong and capable, that society sees mental illness as a weakness. As though you willingly let this happen to you rather than it implanting itself silently and without warning.

It has zero consideration for the people who don’t have the time to be ill. The people that work as hard as they can for a goal their brains seem to be set against. For those with jobs, the students at critical times in their lives because now is the only time slot to get education for free. Now is the only time you can do your GCSE’s if you want to be on a level playing field with everyone else but it hurts to force yourself out of bed in the morning. The people with children that look to them for love and support and care and the guilt to consume you when you don’t want to be around them.

Mental illness fucking sucks. It’s not beautiful, there is no manic pixie dream girl like in the films. She’s lost already and everyone left behind is miserable. We should praise people for their tiny adventures and achievements, not enforce negative behaviour as being cute or pretty.


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