2015, you bastard.


  • One year and about twenty separate personalities building on each other in the tiny smelly body of my daughter.
  • A Pass grade and a year of my degree, complete. Step one, complete.
  • One mother, ex communicated from the land of the good and free.
  • Approximately five friendships imprisoned for heinous crimes against the wise and noble ruler (me) .
  • One incredibly fulfilling relationship forged, WIP.
  • At least seven different hairstyles/colors.
  • Two hundred poems, written, shared, experienced by strangers that mean the world to me.
  • About 100 or more trips to Starbucks.
  • One 21st birthday, four days of brilliant chaos.
  • One social justice campaign, twenty or so looks of disgust.
  • Countless trips outside when I doubted my ability to breathe.
  • Five or so adventures armed with a camera.
  • One baby seagull rescued.
  • One stray dog with green toenails returned home.
  • About 60 stray cats touched, minimum.
  • Only four trips to the beach, the sea misses me.
  • At least 200 nuggets consumed.




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