Fifty things i really like.

  1. Cats.
  2. Keaton Henson.
  3. Ceramic plant pots.
  4. Geometric art.
  5. Da Vinci.
  6. Tumblr.
  7. House plants (specifically bonsai and cacti.)
  8. Rare loose leaf tea.
  9. Strong Coffee.
  10. Starbucks.
  11. Anime.
  12. Made up astrology.
  13. Teacups.
  14. Pens that write right.
  15. Clouds that look like things which are not clouds.
  16. The moon.
  17. Also stars but not as much as the moon.
  18. Halloween.
  19. Chicken nuggets.
  20. Drawings of boobs that look like real boobs (not round.)
  21. Postcards.
  22. Framed butterflies/Beetles.
  23. My friend Jordan’s artwork.
  24. My boyfriend i guess.
  25. All red wine.
  26. Vinyl.
  27. Swing Dancing.
  28. Vintage suitcases.
  29. D.H.Lawrence.
  30. Poetry.
  31. Women’s rights.
  32. Cult films.
  33. Memes.
  34. Knowing how people got their scars.
  35. Symmetrical tattoos.
  36. Socks with frills.
  37. Sunflowers.
  38. Onigiri.
  39. The general concept of girls enjoying their own eyebrows.
  40. Brogues.
  41. Mens t-shirts.
  42. Palma violets (both the sweet and band.)
  43. Love letters.
  44. Climbable tree’s.
  45. The sea in winter.
  46. Koi carp.
  47. That one episode of Dr Who all about Van Gogh.
  48. Sweden in general.
  49. The freedom to decorate my vagina as i wish.
  50. Pianos.

I had more but fifty is maybe a good round number.


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