Five things I didn’t know until today

  • When to take down christmas decorations. I mean, they’re so lovely and festive but I don’t want to leave it too long and lose all motivation to do it. And obviously they need to be gone before new years eve, right?
  • That my daugher loves me. I mean, I had always assumed that she would at some point, but up until recently I’d felt more like a necessity than someone she loves. Then I realised her smile says it all and I hadn’t been paying enough attention to her beyond a thing that needs me.
  • How to clean the pipes under my bathroom sink. It was surprisingly easy, but I had always associated plumbing with hairy men or classic porn intros.
  • That I am only twenty one years old. That not having a (good) job AS WELL as a two year old, and a home, and a degree on the go, is actually normal and okay. That I will be okay.
  • That two entire jars of olives is not a good idea and will not make you feel good.

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