So what’ve you done in the last year?

Before we moved here,
I lived in a tiny room filled with
everything that had gone wrong.
And one time, the soggy floorboards
caused a power cut, and everything in the freezer
thawed, and melted. And it was ironic-
that the house was cold enough to see my breath,
but it was still too warm for the food
I had cooked in batches, to save for bills.
There was one chair. If I had visitors,
I would sit on the floor,
on my mattress.

And now my room is bigger
than any room I ever had.
My daughter has her own and
her pictures are on the wall, I can call
somewhere home and there is room
for everyone i love, all at once
(For four days straight)
room for a booming voice
alongside my own,
and a small one.
That’s what i’ve done.


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