Not because you weren’t here,
but because the karmic forces are
working against me right now, (ready to change
for my big début as world leader),
I have been to hell and overpaid for a fucking map.
Fire to your left. Burning misery to the right.
Welcome to the land of overpriced housing.
I’ve also been steering myself away
from falling into that hole neatly labelled
‘depression’ but small, under an asterix,
at the bottom of the page.
I’ve ignored the constant advertising for
brand new crutches, buy one get one free.
They come in red, white and rose,
supposed to throw a pink hue over the world
but mine is black, and memoryless.
Oh, the medicine helps with my anxiety alright.
I don’t give enough fucks to worry
about anything. I don’t have enough hope,
to do anything but accept the cards I’m given.
Except that I did want to see you,
and I did want to feel safe for a night.
And I did everything In my power
not to fall.
And I didn’t ever ask
to feel like this.


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