Things I’d thought were just “Part Of Being A Girl”

Love being a woman. Really love it.

  1.  Being touched without warning/permission in clubs (everywhere tbh just mainly clubs)
  2. Dizzy spells, heart pains, almost fainting, inability to breathe. (Anxiety.)
  3. Being raped. Twice.
  4. Being an emotional crutch for mentally ill partners. Because women are there to comfort, right?
  5. Unsolicited dick pics. (always unsolicited.)
  6. The assumption that a drink would make my knickers dissolve through some magical chemical reaction, and my mind change with regards to access into them.
  7. The assumption that I’m perfectly happy being a stay at home single parent because my uterus equipped me for it.
  8. Regularly beeped/shouted at by pricks in white vans (What is wrong with you)
  9. Threatened with violence/sexualviolence if I speak up for myself/point out misogyny.
  10. Thinking you have close friends until they try to sex you up out of nowhere in spite of them/you being taken.
  11. Consequentially finding it hard to trust anyone and being hit with “not all men” repeatedly.
  12. Being looked down on by the police when I report that my ex had forced entry into my home to kidnap my child. No action taken because I fought back.
  13. Being the only one responsible for not getting pregnant and subjecting myself to chemical imbalances and emotional turmoil to try not to let any more babies inside me but also enjoy my sex life.
  14. Sleeping with anyone ever and being told I should be ashamed of it, whilst men remain lads.
  15. Growing up thinking a hairless, itchy, inflamed, bleeding a bit and too sore for sex, vagina was sexier than one with hair on. That nobody would want me otherwise
  16. Being thrown around by my high school boyfriend. My male friends too worried that it “wasn’t their place” to do anything because they’re oppressed by the same thing as me.
  17. Being given tips on how not to be raped/fearing for my daughter and planning to get her into marshal arts as soon as I can.
  18. Fucking periods. Fucking annoying pain that nobody wants to hear about.
  19. Lists nineteen points long about the first things that come to my head that are shitty and part of being a woman.


And i’m ranting here, sure. But it’s not just my personal experience. And it isn’t exclusive to women.


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