Definitely Not Straight.

I fell in love with a woman in a dream.
I fell in love with a woman in a dream, and now I can’t get her out of my head.
I was in a house floating so high from the ground I couldn’t see down, next to clouds and tethered to a tree climbing the side of a huge building. It dipped mildly when I moved, tilted with the weight of me.The building was empty, overrun with plants cascading the walls and creeping along our mooring rope. The windows were HUGE sash openers, with shutters flung open and light was fighting to be in the space, so shining golden that everything is lined with it. Their sills are so close to the floor of my floating house that the plants reach in and I can’t tell the difference between the inside or out. There is even a kitchen sink like the ones from high school, solid ceramic with crusted paint fleck layered and layered on, pots strewn with soaking brushes and empty coffee mugs in the basin. She is sat on the counter top in purple cotton shorts and a vest, one leg tucked upwards, hair natural, smiling down at me as though she is humouring my very existence, through fondness alone I am allowed to keep being. She is truly, and wonderfully magical and when i tell her so she takes my wrist and pulls me. In the dream I know I am blushing, because my face is blistering happiness and I can feel my gums meet the air. I look down for a second and when I snap my eyes up again she has met me in-between, nose to nose, (Her perfect, perfect nose,) and I can feel her breath on my mouth.  I know that her skin was soft in a way I was terrified to touch, something new and wonderful. I want to kiss inside her wrists, elbows, the hollow of her neck, I want to worship the very soul of her. And when she tells me she loves me I have a split second where I feel more powerful, more capable, than any other thing alive and walking.
And then I woke up, and I lost the girl I haven’t met,


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