You had the choice, darling one,
and you made it.
In line with character:
selfish, and I hate it.
As though the repetitive
chances weren’t enough
as though, you took my plea to be
an inconsequential bluff.

As though i’m not enough.


Excellent women.
Torn apart from behind
by the spine, by
less than adequate men who
swore they loved us with fists
full of our hair, our wrists
held tight ‘because I care’
told to share. Told to be good
and quiet and never walk too close
to the riots and wait patiently
no matter how long it takes.
His apology will come
no matter how it aches. Guaranteed;
again and again, promises?


Does it matter which way round the words are
if you’re using them to bite me
in the small of my back, sneak attack
too afraid to fight me. Head on
backwards to try and see the lies coming
how do you trust a tongue that
never stops running.


I’ve not slept in how long
but i can’t open my eyes more
than three quarters of the way. The last day.
And you’re not just gone, you’re changed.
Moonstone catching the sun, greedy for warmth,
room for one. More than a break.
Drained to the soles of me,
carefully cut puzzle pieces
from my memories.

I spent a month praying you were safe
and the bones of me ached. But
i didn’t think you’d ever take the
words of a snake, and use the venom
to paralyse me. But in the nights my neighbours
hear my cry begging the gods to let me try
again, poison me and then
stay in our bed. Stroke my head.

Ringing ears and a swollen face,
life no longer mine and months of love erased.
Promises and lies, toy blocks of them stacked high
ready to fall and you’re grabbing at them, try,
fragile wall. But if you make me leave
before i can breathe, whilst i shout and cry
i can’t knock it over, to get at you,

it’s more than you realised
this coming from the girl pretty
sure she would die before she hit twenty five
two years to go and i mean,
you never know but i’d like to think
I can get my hopes up

At least five foot seven from the ground
only more cause i’m reaching
have you seen this outline it’s peachy
beach scene glass so fine it pours for you
saltwater and sunshine on a fresh carved tattoo
biter sweet and less heat than last Wednesday, who
decided i was the one that needed to
throw herself unavoidable at the fuck fest of ignorance
crumbling world, through thick blood crusted
inside of my thighs and words etched into the surface
for those who heard they weren’t worth
the space they grace with bodies
too no who you want them to be.

Take Care

Bite me, fight me
take an eight hour flight to me:
I’m waiting with cotton sheets
and respite from the heat but take
your time. I don’t mind, honey –
but i won’t eat it.

Correct. In; such a way
that i’m left breathless at
the thought of your mouth
and the weight it carries closing
about my neck. You’re more
than i can help myself and less
than too much to bear.
And jesus fuck,
your hair.









I miss you.
You’re so much, and I;
I’m not sure who’s coming home.
I’ve been ready to see you for
at least six months and the further away
the more I want you next to me and how
do I ache for the smell of a body
I haven’t met? Or is that strange
and why did it feel so real when you
threatened to marry me. I want
the curve of your spine in the space on my bed
we both know belongs to you.
I hope you’re whole and i’m sorry
they pulled you away but
I’m waiting for the day
I can kiss you.